Farmer's Snack

Farmer's Snack
Farmer's Snack
Dried, yet juicy, sin…sational snack…

Uniqueness of our dried fruits and nuts origins at their very source. Exotic fruits come from Farmer’s Snack’s own growing projects in Africa, thus quality of fruits is under full control. Processing combines drying and moisturizing, providing extraordinary softness and juiciness, natural taste and flavour. Due to unique patented Insalt technology, during roasting of nuts and seeds without added oil, salt is infused inside the nuts and seeds, without leaving salty cover on their surface). Highest quality standard are guaranteed by the international certificate IFS.

Coconut chips, hand-cut and soaked in their own coconut milk are particularly crispy and aromatic. Pineapple rings and mango stripes are naturally dried under the African sun. Cranberries from carefully selected sources in Canada, unlike many other brands on the market, are not cut for pressing juice – fruits keep full taste and aroma, because they are kept whole, gently dried without oil, sugared with cane sugar.